Why Rivermont


Our Craftsman style homes offer affordability and quality. It is common in the home building industry to cheapen products to offer a lower, more attractive price but the reality is, over time, this approach ends up costing you more money and headaches because of the lower quality of materials used. Our homes are built by sub-contractors who have a reputation for professionalism and quality work. In most cases, the sub-contractors we use have been doing work for Rivermont Homes for many years. We believe in building you a quality home with quality materials.

In the Details

We believe even the smallest details are important to each home we build. Rivermont homes staff has decades of experience in the home building industry and we understand the importance of the details that make a project complete. We take pride in our reputation for high quality and fine craftsmanship, built through years of personal service and attention to detail.

Dedicated Team

Jeff Johnson
Jeff was a subdivision project manager for Sharon McSwain Homes for many years. After that, he was owner of North Georgia Renovation, which specialized in project management for new home construction for local builders and investors. He also was a general partner with Marksman Construction, LLC which catered to the rehab of property for large hedge fund owners such as Blackstone. Jeff has 15+ years of experience with new home construction and project management.

Trey Smith
For 20+ years Trey was the construction manager for a family owned custom home construction business. He oversaw the building of many high-end homes throughout the metro Atlanta area. He was also a general partner with Marksman Construction, LLC. He has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Georgia Southern University.

Mike Williamson
For 20+ years (after serving time in the IT Corporate world), Mike has built a background in Real Estate investment, funding, development and building. Before coming to Rivermont Homes, he was a general partner in Summit Communities, LLC as well as East Atlanta Builders, LLC. Mike has a BBA from Valdosta State University.